On this decade, we noticed that robots are more present in our lifes. Robots, artificial inteligence and IOT help us get better and more efficient every day. We get new capabilities to face new and old challenges that we have to solve in nowadays.

Humanity, in the past two years, had to get over Covid 19 pandemic. This was the worst medical problem in the last 100 years. People had to find ways to protect themselves and also to provide care for the others. Just when we are about to take under the control the pandemic problem, another issue caught our attention. A war started around the corner, at 100 km from us

Nobody believed, until 2022, that in Europe a war is possible, but now every media in the world, in every day programms presents news about the war in Ukraine.

From the stories of the refugees we found out the amount of problem that a war carries with it. Most of refugees had to take cover in the house basements or in public buildings when the alarms were running. They were taken by surprise because nobody expected that, most of them were unprepared and they have no food or water to survive for many days.

SURVIVOR GAME ROBOT is a game with special features in it. Although, games are made for entertainment, ours is pretty special. It provides, autonomously, at a touch:

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